We Followed Our Heart. It Led Us to Club Loveland at Orchards

Club Loveland at Orchards’ story is just beginning. It started as an opportunity to re-engage the Loveland community and develop a health club that would be more than just a gym. We aspire to offer our members the best possible experience paired with that feeling of belonging. When you step through our doors, you’ll be welcomed by the familiar and we’ll see you off with a smile and a ‘see you tomorrow!’


While we may be new to the neighborhood, we’ve had the privilege of owning and operating health clubs for the better part of 20 years in Northern Colorado. Our approach is to always be a destination for members with a range of fitness needs and interests. Not just a place to grunt through a 45-minute workout. We pride ourselves on creating meaningful relationships with our members, who inspire us to consistently think of new ways to improve and grow.


With that said, we believe Club Loveland is state-of-the-art in every way. Our fitness programs are designed to make you break a sweat and have fun while doing it. The first-rate quality of our facilities are only exceeded by our expert team and programming. We hire exceptional program directors, instructors, and trainers for every activity we offer. They are not only fitness pros, but also gifted coaches who know how to train youngsters, seniors, and all ages in between.


I am so proud and grateful to say that I was born and raised in Loveland CO. My journey in fitness started in 1983 when I was 19 years old working full time at Gloria Stevens fitness Salon. I have been instructing classes, personal training and involved in strengthening our community through health for close to 36 years! Some of the certifications I have received are Pilates, Yoga, Aqua, Spinning, Cross H.I.I.T. Tabata, Health Coach & Personal Training. I have continued to instruct Pilates for 20 years because I personally believe that core strength is the foundation of a healthy body. Because of my decades of instructing classes, my constant cueing techniques for proper form is second nature and has given me the nick name of the “general” when I am instructing!  I am humbled to be a part of Club Loveland’s phenomenal  instructor team. This club is truly my “home away from home” literally…and I know it will be yours as well!

My name is Jan Schlotzhauer. I have loved being a fitness instructor for 35+ years, having started as an aqua-aerobics instructor for the City of Loveland at the Thompson Valley High School pool before the Chilson Rec Center was built and then moving to be one of only two aqua instructors there when it opened. I have taught the LesMills BodyFlow program for 18+ years – I love the tai-chi, pilates, and yoga format of Flow! I have also taught free-style pilates for 10+ years, as well as subbed in yoga, cycling, core, and BodyPump classes. I enjoy taking classes from other instructors, especially Zumba and Cycling classes! While my Christian faith and my family & friends are paramount in my life, being a fitness instructor is also a huge part of who I am – it helps to make-up “me”! Participants in my classes have become friends and it’s been my joy and privilege to know so many wonderful people, and try to help them achieve their fitness goals, as we have joined together in fun classes! My philosophy and belief is that having fitness in our lives helps us in so many aspects of daily living! – attitude, strength, flexibility, balance, work, play, joy, and health! It’s always my goal to try to do the very best I can, in my classes, and in trying to “shine the light of my life” to other people. 

I have been in the fitness industry since 1982 when I attended my first low impact class and the instructor begged me to start teaching. Back in the days of Reebok shoes and leg warmers with those fancy leotards with matching leggings.

I started running after my sister entered me in my first 10k race having only ran 3 miles at one time and only once. That started all the crazy marathons and relay races I’ve been in.

In 1994 my family: husband Rick, son Geoff, daughter Ryann moved from Rock Springs Wyoming to Loveland to be on Lake Loveland to waterski. That same year I started teaching step and low impact classes at Orchards Athletic Club. I officially became certified through AAA-ISMA in 1999. In 1999 Orchards became the first gym to present Les Mills Body Pump where I certified that same year.

In all I love being fit and staying healthy. I love to ride long century rides and I am currently active in the Loveland Cycle Club. I have participated in the Lake to Lake Triathlon every year since it started in 2001.
I have 4 grand daughters and 1 grandson. I am very blessed to have my family all within walking distance….and that’s close the new Club Loveland at Orchards where I am more than excited to be back at “home”

Anna and her husband Brian are both Loveland CO Natives with three great kids! Anna found her love for group fitness right here at Orchards! She was hooked the first time she tried Body Pump back in 2004! After being a regular participant and losing roughly 40 pounds she decided it was time to become an official Body Pump Instructor in 2010. Since then she has taken on instructing several other classes such as Cycle, Boot Camp, Pilates, Boxing Fitness and recently earned her Personal Trainer Certificate through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in November 2018.






All 4’11” of her is full of positive energy, motivation, humor and this girl IS NOT SHY! Chances are you will hear her before you see her!! Anna strives to make every member feel like she is their biggest fan while offering the support and accountability it takes to reach their goals! She believes that the key to great fitness is falling in love with the process, so the results are a healthy lifestyle overall.

Cassi Sanford began her journey into yoga after the birth of her forth, and last, child. At first seeking an active lifestyle and to work towards getting back into pre-baby shape, but more importantly found spiritual growth and began to see the true benefits of yoga beyond the physical. Although she did find endurance, balance, strength and flexibility, she also found mindfulness and confidence off the mat. She began with the love of hot classes and early on saw the similarities to the sweat lodge from her traditions back home on the Nez Perce Reservation in beautiful Idaho. From hot classes she ventured into Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara and Yin and found the benefits of balancing all forms of yoga into her practice and how well they complement each other. She is committed to a life long journey of yoga and working to find her best self along her 8 limbed path. She strives to be attentive to each individual in her classes to help guide them to success in their asana as well as their practice on and off the mat. She believe yoga is an internal practice with which you find your own unique path to deeper meaning of life and understanding your external world and is motivated to encourage and share that belief with as many others and she can.

“Every day is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier and to be the best version of YOU.”


Hello! I’m Courtney Roe and I have been a ZIN™ Member since Feb 2013 and I absolutely love teaching Zumba® classes. The reason is simple: Every class feels like a party! I love helping to inspire others through movement, Latin rhythms and dance. No matter your fitness level, you can sweat and shine while getting a great workout to awesome jams. I am licensed to teach Zumba®, Zumba® Kids & Zumba® Kids Jr. I am also Group Fitness Certified. Come join me, I guarantee you will have a blast

I was a college athlete (volleyball), turned mom of 3 and wife of 15 years (and counting). I have always found my way to the dance floor in every stage of my life. I found Zumba over a decade ago and have been teaching Zumba classes for over 5 years. I also love teaching country line dancing, yoga, and watching anything my kids do, from scouts, to hockey, to ballet. I am excited to spread the Zumba love at Club Loveland, especially bringing a Zumba Toning class!